Papa rellenas

Papa Rellenas is traditional Spanish dish that consists of potato cake filled with deliciously seasoned ground beef.

Quantity: 24 per pack



BIG CHEF offers you one of the most popular croquettes in the Latin American and Caribbean region, Papa Rellenas, right at your doorstep. Enjoy the heavenly taste of seasoned ground beef filled in a potato cake, which is a perfect item for an upcoming cocktail party as a quick snack. Conversely, you can offer it as an appetizer to your guests in a friends or family get-together, or simply enjoy it in your alone time along with your coffee. In addition to the crispy feel and nutritious ingredients, BIG CHEF’s Papa Rellenas would also add cultural variety and enhance the overall experience of your table. So order a pack of BIG CHEF Papa Rellenas now, and share its unique taste with your near and dear ones in your upcoming food events.

BIG CHEF’s Papa Rellenas packs are half-prepared at delivery time, and you only need a conventional oven to get the best taste out of them. Achieve a temperature of 350 degrees by heating the conventional oven for 10-15 minutes, and bake the frozen croquettes on the baking sheet for a further 10-15 minutes. Once the product becomes golden brown in color, it is ready to be served or eaten- Enjoy! You can further add variety to your table and refrigerator by ordering our other great appetizers and hors d’oeuvres like Shrimp Panko, Beef Fajitas, or Chicken Smoked Burritos.

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Additional information

Weight 2.3 kg


Cooking Instructions

Do not microwave. Use conventional oven. Preheat vegetable oil to 350 degrees and fry from frozen until crust is golden brown and the internal temperature reaches at least 165 degrees.


Ground beef, mashed Potatoes, liquid eggs, margarine (liquid soybean oil, partially hydrogenated, water, salt, soybean, lecithin, vegetable mono and diglycerides, sodium benzoate as a preservative, artificial flavor, colored with beta-carotene, vitamin A palmitate added), bread crumbs (enriched flour (flour, malted barley, niacin (a ''''B'''' vitamin), ferrous sulfate, thiamine mononitrate (B1), riboflavin (B2), folic acid)- high fructose- corn syrup- partially hydrogenated vegetable oil (soybean, cotton seed, corn and/or canola oils)- water- salt- contains 2% or less of: yeast- honey- molasses- sugar- wheat gluten- whey- soy flour- whole wheat flour- rye flour- corn flour- oat bran- corn meal- rice flour- potato flour- butter- dough conditioner (mono and diglycerides, sodium and/or calcium stearoyl lactylate, soy lecithin, calcium carbonate)- yeast nutrients(ammonium sulfate, calcium sulfate, monocalcium phosphate)- distills Vinegar- skim milk- butter milk- lactic acid- calcium propionate (preservative)- potassium sorbate (preservative)- sesame seeds, salt, pepper, nutmeg, parmesan cheese.''


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Papa rellenas


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