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Chicken Spring Roll

An all-rounder appetizer that is fit for any kind of party or food event, BIG CHEF‘s Chicken Spring Roll offers you the perfect blend of chicken diced and vegetables with oriental seasonings covered in a spring roll skin. Chicken and vegetables provide you with healthy nutrients, while the oriental seasoning gives the spring rolls a tingly taste, making a combination of taste and quality which is hard to resist. These ingredients and the special taste make BIG CHEF‘s Chicken Spring Rolls loved by both adults and kids, and would be a star attraction on the table at your next food event. 

BIG CHEF‘s Chicken Spring Roll are par-cooked, just pop them in them a bit in a conventional oven to get the best taste and aroma out of them or fry the frozen Spring Rolls in vegetable oil for crispiness. Once their crust becomes golden brown in color, your Chicken Spring Rolls are ready to be served or eaten. Enjoy! The taste of our Chicken Spring Rolls would further be enhanced if these are served with one of our Salsa or Ranch dips. You can further enhance your food table at your food events by ordering delicious products like Beef Wellington, Chicken Santa Fe in Purse, or Crab Rangoons from our wide hors d’oeuvres variety. 

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